Search Engine Optimization

Being on the first page of the search engine results is one of the best ways to promote your website. With first page rankings, you will become visible to the fourteen billion people who utilize search engines to find products and services online. The majority of these people will click on results from the first page, because most believe that the first page of results is present because it is the most relevant to what they are looking for.

As an SEO company local to Grand Rapids, we can help you boost your ranking in the search results and drive traffic to your website; whether your target market is local to West Michigan or global. You will begin to see an ROI (return on investment) within months, as the search engines begin to trust your site more and give increased rankings as a result.

On-Page Optimization

Even the most aggressive of SEO campaigns begin with on-page optimization, ensuring that the search engines (Google and Bing for example) are able to read your site with their robots and get you listed. A good search engine optimizer will ensure that content is readable for both your visitors as well as search engine robots, which will maximize the amount of traffic coming to your website and lead to an increased number of visitors reaching the bottom of your sales funnel.

Off-Page Optimization

As the search engines index your site, it is time to begin increasing rankings from the on-page baseline; this is where off-page optimization comes in. Between our content writers, market researchers and link building specialists we have the tools and knowledge required for a full-blown off-page SEO campaign in any industry. We use these tools to build high-quality content and submit to a variety of sources, resulting in links to your website and ultimately increased rankings in the search engines.

Local SEO

If you are a small or medium business, it is also important to make sure that you are not only listed but optimized in a variety of local business directories. Consumers use these directories for many reasons, including finding providers for goods and services they are looking for as well as leaving detailed reviews; and any good business owner knows that customer feedback is one of the best tools to help a business grow and better serve its customers over time.

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